Monday, September 1, 2014

Thursday, August 28, 2014

What Is A Soul?

any creature /
     may bestow /

grace and mercy -

only a soul /
     can see it /

~ Tiwago

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Haiku - In The Wing.

brooding storm - lingers /
drawing out her grand entrance /
setting her next scene
~ Tiwago 

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Ten.

I embrace many gods:
Fear, Anger, and Envy -
Yet I wonder why God,
Seems so far from me.

I daily reshape my God,
And gild Him with gold;
A source of my comfort -
A font of many blessings.

I use a profane tongue,
To justify my theology;
Putting my small words,
In God's infinite mouth.

Life presses down on me -
I forget the sabbath day,
In my churchy busy-ness,
And dread of Monday-eve.

I often ridicule my parents,
For their mere humanness;
For showing my weakness,
In their daily little foibles.

I murder many people daily:
I dismiss them in my mind;
I ignore our joint kinship;
I stand upon their graves.

I cheat on my loving wife.
I cheat on my loving God.
I show them my mask, yet
The devil knows my face.

I steal from the poor and weak:
By consuming earth's resources;
By polluting the air they breathe;
By taking away their dignity.

I bestow upon all the others,
The deep scars of my fears;
I judge them very harshly,
For committing my crimes.

Bound by the chains of things,
I need the un-needed things -
I look upon the greedy rich,
Yearning for what they have.

~ Tiwago

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We Wore Suspenders From Ork.

(Photograph by Mark Mann; Esquire)

He fell down from the heavens -
Or, was he really sent to us?
An odd awkward bird, hatched,
From a phoenix's fiery egg,
'Midst the yolk of intellect.

He was not quite right, we said.
At first we just laughed at him, but,
Soon we couldn't not laugh with him:
The manic voice of our manic minds;
The wise soulful eyes of a joker.

The funniest soul in the universe,
Died today from a loss of hope -
How will we ever laugh again?
Then a snort - laughter seeping;
Genie escapes - humor will out.

~ Tiwago


Tuesday, August 12, 2014

My Happiness.

Lengthening flaxen tresses,
Resisting parental control;
Topaz blue eyes flashing,
With her gleeful mischief;
New teeth grace a wide smile,
Infectious uncontainable joy;
Singing hymns of happiness,
Giggling blessings bestowed.
           ~ Grandpa Tiwago